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Recent Books

Singa-Pura-Pura (2021, Ethos Books) 4 stars


by , , , and 9 others

From a future of electronic doas and AI psychotherapists, sense-activated communion with forests and a portal to realms undersea, to a reimagined origin and afterlife—editor and translator Nazry Bahrawi brings together an exciting selection of never-before translated and new Malay spec-fic stories by established and emerging writers from Singapore.

Especially …

Snow Crash (SFBC 50th Anniversary Collection) (Hardcover, 2007, SFBC) 3 stars

Snow Crash (SFBC 50th Anniversary Collection)


Within the Metaverse, Hiro is offered a datafile named Snow Crash by a man named Raven who hints that it is a form of narcotic. Hiro's friend and fellow hacker Da5id views a bitmap image contained in the file which causes his computer to crash and Da5id to suffer brain …